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Role of heme oxygenase-1 and its reaction product, carbon monoxide in manifestation of breast cancer stem cell-like properties

Do-Hee Kim1, Hyo-Jin Yoon1, Young-Nam Cha2, and Young-Joon Surh1,3,

1Tumor Microenvironment Global Core Research Center, Seoul National University, Seoul 08826, South Korea
2Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, College of Medicine, Inha University, Incheon, South Korea
3Department of Molecular Medicine and Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology, Seoul National University, Seoul 08826, South Korea

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) constitute a subpopulation of transformed cells that possess intrinsic ability to undergo self-renewal and differentiation, which drive tumor resistance and cancer recurrence. It has been reported that CSCs possess enhanced protection against oxidative stress induced by reactive oxygen species compared with non-stem-like cancer cells. In the present work, we investigated the role of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), a representative antioxidant enzyme, on the stemness and self-renewal of human breast CSCs. We found that pharmacologic or genetic inhibition of HO-1 attenuated the sphere formation, whereas HO-1 inducers enhanced the number and the size of tumorspheres in breast CSCs. Carbon monoxide (CO) is endogenously generated as a consequence of degradation of heme by HO-1. The proportion of populations of CD44+/CD24- cells retaining CSC properties was increased in MDA-MB-231 cells treated with a CO-releasing molecule (CORM-2). Following CORM-2 treatment, the expression of Notch-1 and related genes Jagged-1 and Hes-1 was increased, which was accompanied by the mammosphere formation. Taken together, these findings suggest that HO-1-derived CO production stimulates the formation of mammospheres in breast cancer cells through activation of Notch-1 signaling.

Keywords: Cancer stem cells; Carbon monoxide; Heme oxygenase-1; Notch-1; Self-renewal

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